Our Story

What is our objective?
  • We started this store to help people feel further at ease, safe, comfortable, and productive at home.
  • We are currently undergoing a global scare - together! The "Stay Home" initiative is so important in order for us to continue moving forward in a healthy and safe way. 
  • This is not easy! & It is okay if you are struggling. That's what Heading Home is all about. We have the beautiful advantage of living on this planet with accessible nature, the ability to take a walk during the day with your family and pets, a small drive down the coast or near a beautiful view. Let's remember we are focusing on social distancing, but that doesn't mean we can't revamp our home life! 
  • We're a lifestyle brand, and we care about what makes you happy



More FUN info: 

In just a couple of generic words, we would describe Heading Home as a lifestyle brand.  
However, a deeper dive into the store would take you down a pathway of humility, passion, compassion, and empathy. These are values we live by, personally, so any project we undertake will include the same type of core principles. On one side of the store, we catalog items that have been originated by hand, with lots of effort, energy, and creativity. For instance, our phone cases are completely customized and unique to their particular order while our "Artist Creation" tab features items that were hand drawn and originally created by talented underground artists. On the other hand, Heading Home is comprised of specially selected items that we believe could "spice up" your lifestyle whether it be in fitness, beauty, cooking, or home decor. 
Heading Home was created in the midst of the WILD year of 2020. We found it important to maintain a comfortable space, a positive outlook, and a productive mindset - we believe in the importance of good mental health and creating and achieving personal goals. The team behind the shop feels very fortunate for their own personal experiences in life and are heavily invested in giving back as much as possible. Thus, every month, there is a new charity or non profit organization that is highlighted. We donate a portion of the net profits to that particular organization. Once we pick up some traction and are able to donate a more significant amount, we will be updating the NPO or charity monthly. Currently, we are supporting the "American Foundation for Suicide Prevention" in their mission to combat suicide. Aside from that, an ongoing project that we support is the "One Tree Planted" Non Profit Organization. Each purchase at Heading Home plants one tree through our friends at One Tree Planted. Check out our Giving Back tab for more info on our donation projects!
We are so excited to see the growth in our shop, and we plan on continuing to find new ways to aid our communities and environment.