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One Tree Planted

Every purchase = 1 tree planted.

We are all about loving our environment and appreciating our natural world. By purchasing from Heading Home, you support the globe's air, biodiversity, water, health, and climate. Click on the button below to be directed to the "One Tree Planted" organization and learn more about your help! Thanks for being awesome! 

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Constellation Plate Necklace

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The Zodiac Collection

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Zodiac Sign Necklace

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Check Out Some of Our Customer's Responses!

"I was today years old when I realized I NEEDED THESE ZIPPER SCRUNCHIES!!! Lifesavers, wow. On top of that, the response from the shop's team was quick, helpful, and super welcoming." 

Hannah M.

Bought my mom the "Pug Life" phone case and she absolutely loved it!!! It came out so cute, and we are definitely going to be supporting the "Artist Creations" section especially! 

Sammy N.

I love supporting businesses that are willing to donate to charities and truly do some good in this world. Once I learned that Heading Home supports the environment as well as so many different charities, it was easy for me to find something to purchase :) 

Alex B.